«Male, female, diverse – and now?

A dance piece about possibilities«

Monica Gillette (She/Her) Director, Choreography

Gary Joplin (He/Him,) Director, Choreography

Charlotte Morache (She/Her) Set Design

Sora Sam (He/Him) Music

Michael Kaiser (He/Him) Dramaturgy

Isabella Kammerer (She/Her) Artistic Production Management

Johanna Lehnert (She/Her) FSJ Culture

Ines Dalheimer (She/Her) Assistant Set Designer

Kit (They/Them), Tao-zhi (They/Them), Balthazar (It/Him, Ze/Zes), Hannah (She/Her) Dance

Since 2019, in Germany, individuals who do not identify as »male« or »female« have had the opportunity of selecting »diverse« as a third sex. But there have been »diverse people« long before the third box was added to official forms. Based on the reality of their own lives, in »THE 3RD BOX« young people ask the question: how open is the society in which we live in 2022? With techniques from dance and performance art the members of the ensemble explore their own bodies as social, cultural and biological bodies. Through the eyes of these young diverse individuals old concepts are challenged, intensively interrogated and reassembled to form new models. The piece will also be shown at the Baden-Württembergische Theatertage in Heilbronn on 8 July.

There will be an introduction in the foyer at 6:30 pm. Following the event, there will be a follow-up discussion to which you are also cordially invited.

A production of the Junge Theater Freiburg

Interview with Kit & Balthazar

Image © Britt Schilling

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10 Jul



Karten 15 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 10 €

Introduction at 6:30 pm

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